GitHub and Lighthouse Sitting in a Tree


Posted by justin at April 10th, 2008

We'd like to congratulate our friends over at GitHub for launching an inventive masterpiece! GitHub is a fine piece of work and has changed my attitude about starting and maintaining open source projects. It's like XBOX Live (the good parts) for programmers. Fork someone's repository, helping them tackle a bug, and send them a pull request, or just sit back and watch your friends activity in true stalker fashion.

One of the new features of GitHub is Lighthouse integration. Just provide your API key and a couple more details and you're ready to start tricking out your commit messages with meaningful information that Lighthouse can parse.

Just incase you're unfamiliar with Lighthouse's powerful commit message parsing, check out a few examples: All examples follow this format: [ticket# keyword:value]

# Close ticket #12 as resolved
"Fixed some broken JavaScript [#12 state:resolved]"
# Reassign ticket #15 to rick and tag it with @high
"Finished up the design, needs to be programmed [#15 responsible:rick tagged:@high]"
# Move ticket #121 to the milestone 1.5 Release
"Fixed most of this, but needs a lot of work [#121 milestone:'1.5 Release']"
# Close ticket #31, tag it with 'specs', assign it to justin and set it's milestone to 1.8
"Fixed some broken specs [#31 state:resolved tagged:specs responsible:justin milestone:'1.8']"

While you're browsing around GitHub, check out some awesome code from us here at ENTP:


  1. Piku Piku said on April 14th, 2008

    Any ETA for the new Lighthouse ?

  2. Col Wilson Col Wilson said on April 15th, 2008

    LH2 is up now.

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